Jun. 10th, 2017

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Title: I'll Always Choose You - Chapter 1~5
Rating: PG-13, eventually NC-17
Pairing: Jun/Ohno/Nino
Length: Chaptered
Genre: Romance
Summary: Satoshi would always pick them over anyone else. He thought it was because he was loyal, a good leader. But that wasn't all. Not really.
Notes:I'm in the middle of reposting so AO3 has a few chapters up that DW doesn't. Please let me know what you think <3


WINGS 41 - 45

Jun. 10th, 2017 04:02 pm
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Title: Wings 41 - 45
Pairing: Sakumoto, Arashi general friendship, (basically everyone gets a storyline and the pairings may change over time)
Genre: Fantasy
Rating: This batch R
Notes: So here is the next batch of "Wing!fic" drabbles for [personal profile] cielmelodies.

You can find the previous batches here:
Wings 1 - 5
Wings 6 - 10
Wings 11 - 15
Wings 16 - 20
Wings 21 - 25
Wings 26 - 30
Wings 31 - 35
Wings 36 - 40
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Title: The prince and his three knights: Chapter 4
Pairing: It's going to be a Jun-pairing, but I don't want to spoil it yet. It's either: Sakumoto, Matsumiya or Juntoshi. Jun/Aiba as brothers, and Aiba might get his own pairing.
Rating: up to R
Genre: royality!AU, romance, a bit fantasy,
Plot: To seal the new peace agreement Prince Jun is handed over as a gift to the neighbouring kingdom, the Highlands of Ice. There is a legend surrounding Jun and his sisters and brothers, namely that they hold a secret power which will only be awakened to the fullest when their owner falls in love.
Tired of reigning the Highlands of the Ice the king announces that one of his three sons - Sho, Satoshi and Kazunari - will inherit the throne. As all of them are good men, loyal and talented, he decides to put a challenge to it: Whoever wins the young mysterious prince's heart will marry him and get the throne.*
*Important sidenote: I will not make a love triangle or anything alike. Once Jun decided, he decided. Also Sho and the others won't play dirty.
Note: This is going to be really romantic, I promise :D and I promise you all (!) that the brothers won't treat each other like sh*t. It's super fun to write this! Please tell me what you think <3

[Chapter 1] [Chapter 2] [Chapter 3]

*new* Chapter 4


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