Jun. 16th, 2017

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Title: Catch your reflection
Pairing: Matsumoto Jun/ Sakurai Sho; Aiba Masaki/ Ninomiya Kazunari
Rating: up to NC-17, but PG-13 most of the time
Warning: none
Summary: When Jun gets a mysterious message written on the mirror, he and his roommate Aiba start searching for a guy who seems to be in danger. And their first way leads them to a mysterious magical shop …
Note: Dedicated to lilly0 <3 I hope you’ll like it. I have a lot of fun writing this one, and I hope you’ll enjoy reading it.

Chapter 1 // Chapter 2 // Chapter 3 // Chapter 4 // Chapter 5 // Chapter 6 // Chapter 7

***NEW***  Chapter 8 ***
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Hello everyone!

There is only one more day until we'll close the sign-ups. So, don't be afraid and join us for another round of arashi-exchange! We promise, we won't bite XD (unless you want us to send you one of the guys to bite... well, then... we'll see what we can do)

So, click on the link below for the sign-ups:

Both Lj and DW accounts are accepted!

For sign-ups click on the link above or here. Sign-ups are open until 17th of June.



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