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Title: Guy next door
Pairing: Ohmiya, the other three make a guest appearance too
Rating: PG-13
Genre: romance, AU
Plot: It's love on first sight. Nino falls hard for his new neighbour. Just that he is too shy to even talk to him..
Note: This was written for [personal profile] antimiya88  for her wish-meme

Read it HERE.


Jul. 24th, 2017 02:17 am
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Title: Piano
Author: duckyshimetai
Beta-reader: none
Pairing: Sakuraiba
Length: One-shot
Rating: G
Summary: Sho and Aiba growing up with a piano.
Notes: Each section represents a different period of time in their lives, they kind of grow up knowing each other. Apologies in advance for any OOC, I just wrote it very quickly today >< based off the song 听你弹钢琴 by 欧得洋, lyrics, translation and a link to the song can be found here

Read the fic here! :)

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Title: Matching in Muji
Pairing: Sakumiya
Word Count: 766 words
Rating: PG
Summary: Sho and Nino were sharing a sweet afternoon together while shopping when they came across their names in MUJI.


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Title: Good Things Come From Small Packages
Pairing: Matsumiya
Rating: NC-17
Length: 1855  words
Genre: Smut, Humor?
Summary: Nino finds joy from something that would usually be considered one of Jun's faults.

Nino could not believe the sight before him.

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 Title: Different kinds of stories (AO3)
Pairing/Focus: Ohmiya, Ninomiya Kazunari
Rating: PG
Warnings: mentions of deaths in the past, fire, boys kissing boys
Summary: The story concentrates on Nino’s way to becoming a kabuki actor.
Notes: This was written for the Nino-Exchange for cutselvage. I had different ideas but this kind of stuck with me. I read a lot about kabuki and kamishibai for this but I fear that I wasn’t able to convey it that good. So I am sorry for that. But I still hope you like the rest :D 
In this story are many Japanese terms. I decided to put them all in italics and provide an explanation at the end of the story if one is needed. I am sorry for that but it just didn’t seem to be right to not use the official terms for the kabuki theatre. 

Read it here at DW
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Title: Just a piece of cake
Pairing: Aiba Masaki/ Ohno Satoshi
Rating: PG-13
Warning: none
Summary: About how Ohno brought back Aiba's smile with a piece of cake and some love.
Note: Dedicated to [personal profile] akhikaru - written for your wish meme. I hope you enjoy it <3

Just a piece of cake
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Title: Priorities
Pairing: Ohmiya, Sakumoto
Rating: R
Genre: romance, humour
Plot: Nino has enough of his boyfriend's flirty attitude. He starts an argument right in the cafeteria of the agency, scares his juniors by doing that, doesn't care fore second hand embarrassment and tells Sho off for being a shitty boyfriend. 
(Let's say Nino is on a roll :D)
Note: This was originally written for [personal profile] jade_lil  but somehow it turned too weird, so I'm probably going to write her something less ridiculous^^

Read it HERE.

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Title: An Unfortunate Examination
Pairing: Sakumiya
Rating: NC-17
Length: 479 words
Genre: Crack, Smut, AU
Summary: An exam in the doctor's office causes Sho to question some things about himself.
Note: This was written in text messages so it's probably hot garbage. Sorry.

He was traumatized.
[personal profile] antimiya88
Title: Night Intruder
Author: Andy-chan ([personal profile] antimiya88)
Pairings: Sakuraiba, Ohmiya (only mentioned)
Genre: AU, Humor, Romance
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Sho sleeps comfortably on his bed when a loud bang wakes him up. Who would knock his door like this so early in the morning?! To his surprise, when he opens the door, he sees that it's his neighbor, Aiba Masaki, completely wasted. The latter invites himself inside and Sho learns something he had never thought of. Could this unexpected meeting cause an even more unexpected change in his life? 
Disclaimer: I don't own Sakuraiba; they own me.


“That’s all you have to say? After everything that happened?”

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Title: No One Should Know
Rating: NC-17
Genre: angst, drama, romance
Lenght: one shot
Pairing: Sakurai Sho/Aiba Masaki
Summary: how was the fist night they spend together?
Warning: none

Note: you can read it even if you haven't still read the others three parts.

Part 1   LJ // DW
Part 2   LJ // DW
Epilogue    LJ

[NEW] Extra    LJ // DW
[personal profile] sakuraisumbrella
 Title: Le "Petit" Prince
Pairing: Matsumiya
Summary: Prince Jun is the ideal specimen of a man, handsome, suave and very respectful. However, he has one very small problem. Luckily, there's someone who can help with that. 
Genre: Crack and Smut
Rating: NC-17


[personal profile] lilly0
Title: Zero-point
Pairing: Yama, hinted Junba
Rating: PG-13
Genre: romance, humour
Plot: Sho has enough of working together... with annoying Mr. Ohno-I-don’t-need-a-schedule-because-I’m-so-awesome Satoshi. They are assigned to work on a project together, but Ohno doesn't seem to care, leaving Sho alone with the whole workload, and Sho just has enough of it!
Note: Written for [personal profile] koi_choshi  for the Wish Meme Challenge :-)  I admit, I had a bit too much fun with writing Sho's inner rants :D

Read it HERE.

[personal profile] lilly0
Title: Dancing Lessons
Pairing: Juntoshi
Rating: PG
Genre: romance, humour
Plot: When Ohno picks one of his dance students for his newest play, he is confronted with a lot of criticism. He chose Matsumoto Jun, whose technique is lacking, but Ohno claims he sees something in him the others lack. Jun however has no confidence, and crumbles under the constant bullying of his co-students. And Ohno is not the most sensitive person to begin with...
Note: Written for [personal profile] learashi  for the Wish Meme Challenge :-)

Read it HERE.
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Title: If I were an integral, I'd fill you up.
Pairing: Sakumoto
Rating: R
Genre: romance, humour
Plot: Sho is a lecturer at university, teaching maths. On a night out Jun meets him, and Sho immediately likes him. Sho seems like the perfect guy - smart, intelligent, attentive - unfortunately he uses the worst pick-up lines ever!
Note: Written for [personal profile] cielmelodies  for the Wish Meme challenge. I had a little too much fun with this and Sho's lame pick-up lines :D
And unfortunately I'm not creative enough to think of these pick-up lines myself. I've taken them from here and here.

Read it HERE.
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Title: Ephemeral [1/7: Stay]
Pairing: Sakumiya (Sakurai Sho x Ninomiya Kazunari)
Rating: PG-13
Genre(s): Fluff, domestic, angst, various of AUs.
Summary: Just a compilation of seven random Sakumiya ficlets in different AUs based on this.
Word Count: 844 words
Author's Note: Unbeta'ed. In need of Sakumiya fanfics, thus this exists

DW: http://southview.dreamwidth.org/10309.html#cutid1

LJ: http://iamnadegata.livejournal.com/8527.html (f-locked after 7 days)

Third Wheel

May. 22nd, 2017 01:18 pm
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Title: Third Wheel
Author: Andy-chan ([personal profile] antimiya88 )
Pairings: Sakuraiba, Ohmiya
Genre: AU, Humor, Romance
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Masaki and Sho love their friends, Nino and Satoshi, but can't come to like the fact that they've been obliged to come along to their dates. It makes them feel like the third wheel and it's certainly a not so comfortable situation; especially when their friends have the tendency to be a bit too 'expressive'. It's in one of these dates that they meet each other for the first time. Will they continue be the third wheel or perhaps have the chance to get their revenge?
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the boys, unfortunately.




May. 8th, 2017 12:57 pm
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Title: Post-it
Author: Andy-chan ([personal profile] antimiya88 )
Pairings: Sakuraiba, Ohmiya (slightly mentioned)
Genre: AU, Romance, Comedy
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Nino can't believe that his friend has started working at the central library of the university. Masaki is the kind of student who sees a book and gets sick. When he meets though a specific someone who proves to be a loyal visitor of the library, he understands the reason of this sudden decision. But there's a problem. Will Masaki achieve his goal and have his way with this specific someone?
Disclaimer: I don't own Sakuraiba, they own me.


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Title: I don't mind falling in love with you
Pairing: Junba
Rating: PG-15
Genre: romance
Plot: Aiba knows Jun is only together with him to make his ex-boyfriend jealous. He doesn't mind though. Being a replacement is better than being just a friend. No... really, he doesn't mind... or does he?
Note: Written for [personal profile] yukitsubute . She requested this when I was asking for Junba and Ohba prompts.

Read it HERE.
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Title: Rays of sunshine
Pairing: Sakuraiba, hints of Junba
Rating: PG-13
Genre: romance, one-sided
Plot: Sho loves Aiba's smile the most, but unfortunately Aiba's smile is the brightest when he smiles at someone else.
Note: Written for [personal profile] akhikaru  from her wish meme list (it's your pompt nr. 3) :D Hope you will like it!

Read it HERE.
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Title: Fear
Pairing: Sakumoto, all of Arashi as guests
Rating: PG-15
Genre: romance, hurt&comfort
Plot: Jun doesn't know when and how it got triggered, but step by step he feels more and more unsettled while riding an elevator. He is too scared to even tell his boyfriend. And to his horror he soon finds himself in a vicious circle of lies and excuses, with his condition getting worse every day.
Note: This was requested by aosakumoto. I'm ages behind with my requests, so sorry that it took me so long, but I hope you'll enjoy it <3

Read it HERE. (on DW)


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